Tha ScarHeal Inc., producer of the ScarFX, RejuvaSil and ScarEsthetique skin treatment product, is our new partner. Our mission is to import the most excellent product into Hungary, that everyone can afford.

At ScarHeal, it’s really always been about healthy skin. Our story started about 30 years ago in scar management. We believed that no one should be forced to live with a scar they didn’t want. Four million scars and 60 countries later, we know that healthy skin is a lot bigger.

Now, each and every product we create is developed with an opportunity to help you feel healthy, happy, and confident in your own skin. We use expertise honed throughout our history to make sure that each formulation has a targeted and specific purpose. Because healthy skin is always in.

We are a tight knit group of people passionate about skin health. Even as we have grown we have tried to make sure we stay connected to each other and our customers. It’s all a part of the “good juju” it takes to keep things going. We are based in Tampa, Florida and when you call with a question you’ll reach one of our team members right here.

We strive to create skincare products that you will feel great about using because we understand how important skin health is. Because of this we carefully select what goes in each and every product. Of course, you may have questions. We are here to answer anything that you can ask. You can check out Frequently Asked Questions, Customer and Physician Testimonials, or you can Contact Us directly. We will be glad to help!

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