The Polish Polpharma is the largest pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing company. It was founded in 1935 and privatized in 2000 only with the involvement of the Polish capital, which began large-scale investments into dynamic growth thereafter.

Today, the Polish Polpharma becomes an international medical and pharmaceutical player. It is present in Eastern and Central Europe, Central Asia and in the Caucasus. The company employs approximately 7,500 in Poland and the international markets.

The company has many subsidiaries in Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. Its strategic operation is ongoing in the field of patent transfer with Spanish Farmaprojects Nations. The Polpharma products are available in more than 50 countries. In the Polpharma’s portfolio contains 600 product and other 400 adding in progress. The company’s products and prescription drugs used in the inpatient produces a wide range. It specializes in cardiology, digestive and neurological drugs manufacture, but also deals with the manufacturing of non-prescription products. The company is displaying in the biopharmaceuticals market too, like other partner companies, but also its biopharmaceuticals have drawn up their own scientific-research workshops.

The production uses the most modern plants and it meets the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The company applies the latest technology to ensure the guarantee the safety of employees and the environment. The Polpharma is working to introduce new, appropriate expectations of pharmaceutical solutions to patients. In 2011, the company won first place as published by the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Economics, Poland’s most innovative companies ranking.

The Polpharma’s motto: People for People. The social sensitivity is an integral part of our strategy. The quality and safety of medicines for patients treated is on the first place at Polpharma. The activities of the company is characterized by a duty of care towards the natural environment. The Polpharma put in place a number of the healthy lifestyle, social and educational programs to the forefront. In 2001, the support of most pharmaceutical and medical research projects have established in the Polpharma Scientific Foundation.

For more information about the company visit the Polpharma www.polpharma.com here!


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