PuckPharma Kft.



The PuckPharma Ltd.. Vényköteles- and the distribution of non-prescription drugs, medicinal products, medical devices and dermakozmetikumok Hungary. A distributor of multinational companies, which are recognized in Europe and the world, but they do not have their own representation in our country.

Our goal is to make high-generic products available to the general public – a formulation that has been proven in several European countries.

Our partners are all pharmaceutical market players, players who are responsible for the global pharmaceutical industry, transparent communications are carried out, they are in the service of healing.

We are familiar with statutory regulations of the Hungarian pharmaceutical market and legal constraints regarding. we provide accurate and timely information to all prospective pharmaceutical trading company who are thinking about steps the Hungarian pharmaceutical market.

Existing partners credibly represent accordingly Hungary, thanks to the close cooperation we enable our client to get updated information on market changes affecting their products.

We have already acquired the management of participation in the blind on the generic market in accordance with the requirements dictated by great experience.

happy to offer strategic advice to the Hungarian market step considering prospective partners, starting with the registration procedure of the products through the exploration of possible solutions logosztikai visitors to implementation of networks in all areas.

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